Solid Waste Disposal

Winnebago County Solid Waste Management, conveniently located off of I-41 at the Jackson St. exit in Oshkosh is your go-to waste disposal resource for residential and commercial materials.  We offer a well organized and clean Residential Drop-off Area that helps keep small vehicles and pedestrian traffic away from commercial truck activity.

While using our facility, please keep in mind:

  • All vehicles/loads must be scaled in prior to unloading.

  • All loads must be covered/tarped per County Ordinance.

  • High-visibility safety vests are only required for users of the Transfer Station, not at the Residential Drop-off Area. 

  • There is a minimum fee for all waste materials brought to the facility.

  • Bulky trash, such as furniture, beds, hot-tubs, and bathroom fixtures are accepted. 

  • Due to the use of compactors and hauling limitations, we are not able to accept items like tree stumps, stone, brick, concrete, sod, soil, telephone poles and boats.  Outagamie County Landfill will accept these items.  Fees apply.  If you have other bulky items contact us for disposal options. 

  • Some Industrial and Special Wastes require pre-approval.  Contact us for information and pricing on asbestos containing materials, commercial and industrial special wastes, and contaminated soils.

  • We typically do not have staff available to assist with unloading vehicles.

  • See the Sunnyview Transfer Station User Rules and Frequently Asked Questions for more information.