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Winnebago County Solid Waste is a comprehensive, integrated solid waste management program located in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.  Our mission is to provide competitive, cost-effective solid waste management systems for processing solid waste and recyclable materials from Winnebago County customers.

Sunnyview Landfill, located in Winnebago County reached capacity in July 2012, after functioning as the Regional Landfill since 2005.  Winnebago County Solid Waste has since focused on operation of a solid waste and recycling transfer station, shipping waste materials to the Regional Landfill in Outagamie County and single stream recycling to the Tri-County Recycling Facility in Outagamie County as part of the Tri-County Regional Program. 

Sunnyview and Snell Road Landfills are closed and require ongoing monitoring and maintenance to comply with Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources permits.  Closed landfill monitoring requires continued analysis of underground and surface conditions along with air quality to assess landfill site compliance.

Landfill gas, a renewable energy source is generated as trash and organic materials decompose.  Methane, a primary component of landfill gas is captured at Sunnyview and Snell Road Landfills and burned to generate power and heat.  The electricity produced from landfill gas is sold to a local utility, and can power up to 2,500 residential homes in a typical year.  Excess landfill gas is burned in candlestick flares to maintain WDNR air permit compliance.

Learn more about our Facility and Programs in the Winnebago County Solid Waste Annual Report.