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Tipping Fee Rate Schedule
Facility Rules
HHW Facility Schedule
Winnebago Recycle Guide
Tri-County Recycle Guide

Program Brochures

2023 Standard Tipping Fee Rate Schedule

Sunnyview Landfill & Transfer Station - Facility Rules and Hauler Guidelines

Household Hazardous Materials Facility Schedule

Winnebago County Waste & Recycling Guidelines


(Click image to open PDF).

Winnebago County Recycling Guide - English


(Click image to open PDF).

Guia de desechos y reciclaje (Winnebago County Recycling Guide Spanish)


(Click image to open PDF).

Nroog Winnebago Lus Qhia Txog Khaub Sw & Kev Kho Rov Siv Dua

Tri-County Northeast Wisconsin Recycle Guide

Ken Robl Conservation Park Visitors Brochure

Ken Robl Conservation Park brochure.
Ken Robl Conservation Park brochure.

Winnebago County Solid Waste Management Board Annual Report

2023-2024 Holiday Closures

Ken Robl Conservation Park Info
SWMB Annual Report
Holiday Closures

National Waste & Recycling Worker's Week - Week of June 17

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